Workshop Purchase

    Workshop Purchase

Pickleball Coaching Workshop Details

Hi Folks,
Cañon Club pickleball coach Marco Torresi, and I, have worked out the details so we can present some pickleball workshops in which you can have fun while reaching a higher level of play.

The general idea is that for Cañon members, or paid guests of members, Marco and I will each play with three others, in what you might call ‘analytical’ pickleball. These will be real games, but we’ll stop from time to time to analyze strategies, discuss options, and possibly do a few minutes of drilling on the aspects discussed.

We are offering three kinds of workshops:

Intermediate: If you know the basic rules, have played several hours of pickleball, if you connect with the ball most of the time when you swing, you qualify.

Advanced: If you know what ‘deep-deep-dink’ or ‘third-shot drop’ means, understand kitchen rallies, and have participated successfully in at least a few, you qualify.

Mobility-challenged: If you are an intermediate or advanced player, but perhaps you have trouble with flexibility, running, or have limited range of arm motion, this workshop will be like the others, but additionally we can introduce you to a number of techniques so you can be a competitive player.

These workshops are sure to be greatly enjoyable, and you’ll really advance in your pickleball skills.

The available time slots will be Mondays at 6pm and 7pm, and Thursdays at 9am and 10am. The price will be $160 for four weeks of one-hour sessions. For those who have to miss a week, we’ll offer a makeup session.

Typically, after a short warm-up, we’ll start with perhaps ten minutes of drills, most of which you’ve probably never seen before, but are likely to enjoy. The rest of the hour is dedicated to Socratic, analytical play.

The first session will be this Monday, August 22 at 6pm.

As you can imagine, we can only accommodate a small number of participants, so you might want to sign up as soon as you can. To sign up, contact Jeff Napier at 805-843-5353 or

For those who would like private lessons for learning or drilling on specific techniques, Marco and I are both available.

Also keep in mind for your family, friends and coworkers, that Marco is teaching beginning and teen workshops. You can find out about that at – Spread the fun and health benefits of pickleball!