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The Pickleballs Everyone Hates

I bought a half-dozen two-tone outdoor pickleballs. These are advertised as being good for seeing the results of imparting spin. I just thought they’d be fun. These are the softer kind of plastic, much like the ONIX brand balls and some others. However, they bounce at almost the exact same height and have handling characteristics almost identical to Franklin X40s and other popular balls.

I played a couple of games with these, and really enjoyed them. The two-color effect was useful in watching spins. I then donated the half-dozen to our club, where we have a bin typically filled with twenty or thirty balls. Players can pick the balls they want to use for each game.

On the first day, most of the players tried the two-tone balls for a few minutes of warm up, then switched back to traditional one-color balls.

Everyone, and I mean everyone did not want to play with these.

Of course I asked why. The responses fell into two groups:

1. The two color balls were driving people crazy. They don’t like seeing the changing colors as the ball spins. One woman said the balls make her literally dizzy. Nearby players hearing that agreed.

2. Others just liked the Franklin X40 balls and did not want to deal with anything new.

So there you have it!

I should point out that the balls stayed in our group for a month or so. During that time they did end up getting a reasonable amount of use. They proved to be durable. None were cracked or deformed.

If you want to buy some anyway, they are currently $16 for six balls on Amazon:

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