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Strange Serve

It is not necessary to learn this serve to play good pickleball:

However, if it interests you, here are the details:

The paddle and the ball are thrown at the same time.

The ball must be thrown high enough that you have time to spin and catch the paddle.

The paddle is spun two revolutions before it is caught.

You might want to practice a single spin variation of this serve before trying the double-spin version.

You might want to practice simply throwing and catching a paddle with two spins before you add it to the serve.

It is important to remember to hit the ball when the paddle is below your waist. There is a tendency to hit the ball before it falls low enough. This would not be legal, since the ball must be served below the waist and below the wrist.

In the serve I’m demonstrating, I’m also adding a spin to the ball, by swiping the paddle from the outside to the inside of my body, in other words, from right to left. This causes the ball to break to the opponent’s right, and allows for a low, fast service, which can flummox even the best players. Imparting a spin is optional.

There is a possibility that a judge could call this ‘illegal’ due to distraction. I wouldn’t suggest trying to use it to win a tournament. But it is fun just to use it to surprise people.

Have fun!

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