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Strange Pickleball Eyewear

Serious eye injuries in pickleball are a thing. I knew that but didn’t give it much thought until the other day when a ball hit me on the cheek really hard. Suddenly, I understood that if it had been right in my eye, I could have had a real injury.

Glasses or sunglasses completely eliminate the problem. But what if you don’t wear glasses or it’s not sunny where you’re playing? You could wear safety goggles, right? But they’re bulky and funny-looking.

I’ve been experimenting with a rather odd solution, but it does make me feel safe. I removed the lenses from a dollar store pair of sunglasses. I wear this lensless frame while playing. If I do get hit, the ball may sting for a moment as it hits the glasses frame, but won’t penetrate to my eye.

Furthermore, it gives my fellow players something to talk and laugh about.

It also illustrates an idiosyncrasy of our brains. Us humans assume things. When I look at someone else wearing my glasses frame, I could swear there are lenses in front of his eyes. Not only that, but when I’m wearing them, I feel as if the lenses are smudged. I want to take them off and clean them.

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