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Quality Game

A Quality Pickleball Game

If you’d like to see high-quality doubles pickleball, take a look at the first several rallies in this game, played in Florida in 2013. Notice that in almost every case, the serve is deep, the return is deep, and the third shot is an attempt to drop the ball into the kitchen. If the third shot doesn’t go into the kitchen, someone usually drops a shot into the kitchen shortly afterward. The players are all patient, softly rallying until a solid opportunity presents itself. If the rally turns into a high-speed volley, someone often takes the speed off the ball, dropping it back into a soft kitchen rally.

Notice too, that the dropshots aren’t always super-low. In general, it is best if your dropshot can clear the net by inches, so it will bounce less high, but as long as it is short, it can be higher than you might think.

At the level of these players, a high dropshot will typically not be blasted back, but played defensively. That’s because everyone at the kitchen can defend and hit a hard drive back even harder.

Rallies of this type can last a long time, and are quite enjoyable to watch as well as to play.

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