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New Terminology

I posted a query about terminology in the forum section of, and got some interesting responses. I don’t know how legitimate or ‘universal’ these terms may be, but thought you’d enjoy them in any case.

Bageled – Played a game and did not score one point. (Same as pickled)

Bagel With Cream Cheese – Did not get to serve, and bageled. (same as golden pickled)

Dairy Queen Server – A person who has only a “soft serve”

Erne Shot – Normally, you can’t be closer than seven feet from the net when hitting a ball unless it has bounced. However, if you have a ball that’s coming well to one side, you can step right up to the net, as long as you are outside the sideline, and hit the ball without it needing to bounce first. Here’s a video.

Garage – The area of a court into which one can serve.

Glendaled – Got robbed on a call.

Golden Pickled – Did not get to serve, and pickled. (same as bagel with cream cheese)

Pantry – The area outside the sideline near the center line very close to the net, but outside the kitchen. The area where the Erne shot takes place.

Pickled – Played a game and did not score one point. (same as bagled)

Saggy Rag – A portable net.

Tattooed – Getting hit by a fast pickleball.

Wrong Garage – A serve that goes into wrong service box

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