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Monsour Bahrami

This is about a tennis player, but I believe as a pickleballer you’ll appreciate the similarities. Monsour Bahrami is who I want to be when I grow up, except for in the sport of pickleball.

Monsour Bahrami was 67 years old when this was filmed. As a child growing up in Iran, he was intrigued with tennis at an early age. However, he was not allowed to have a real tennis until he was 13 years old. Until then, he made do with frying pans and other household items.

Due to extremist views that regarded tennis as a capitalist pursuit in Iran, Monsour had to move to France where he went broke trying to be a serious tennis competitor.

At one point while trying desperately to make ends meet, he bet his entire winnings from a recent tournament in a casino and lost everything.

For a while, Mr. Bahrami was homeless in the streets of Paris until his reputation as a tennis trick shot expert and entertainer started to catch on.

He is also a champion backgammon player.

Your author has been working on some pickleball tricks. So far, I have put together a few serves:

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