Marin Socratic

During the past summer, I was hosting four-session Socratic workshops at Cañon Tennis & Swim club in Fairfax, California.

So what is Socratic pickleball? You will be playing ordinary pickleball with three others at your skill level or two others and a coach. After many of the rallies, we will discuss what happened, and strategies for improvement. We will help you break habits such as coming too slowly to the NVZ, not watching opponents’ body positions, serving slumps, and techniques such as how to handle slammers at the net, dinking rallies, dropshots, topspins and backspins. We may surprise you by discovering changes in your play that will enhance your game considerably and sometimes instantly.

For instance, when you are on the right-hand side, try returning hard and low near the sideline toward the baseline corner, and watch what happens! You’ll find it’s a shot that right-handers as well as left-handers miss all the time.

Want to learn Around the Post or Erne shots? You can learn that here!

This summer, I have led several Socratic groups and I can tell you everyone had fun, and the results were fantastic for every single participant.

Everyone is qualified to participate from beginners to top-level players. How is that possible? It is up to you to arrange your group. You organize two or three others who are at approximately your level. Pick a time that all can participate, that doesn’t interfere with other pickleball activities at Cañon and we’re on!

I’m not a top player, but I am a very good researcher. I know pickleball strategy inside and out. I can guide your game even if you are a better player than me. In fact, my intention is to help you become a better player than me!

What People Are Saying:

“Thank you so much for the FUN and amazingly helpful Socratic pickleball sessions! I have watched my game and skill level change dramatically after attending your sessions. It has been such an enjoyable and beneficial way to learn – while keeping it light and fun – and I look forward to continuing in the future!”
– Gina

“Joining the Socratic pickleball sessions was a really fun way to up my game to the next level. I learned new skills, drills and shots but perhaps more important I now have a better awareness of how to position and set things up for that winning shot. I’m looking forward to joining more Socratic sessions in the future!”
– Chris

“Thx very much Jeff.
It was very helpful for me to get to the next level.
I’m impressed with our progress as well.”
– Debra

“Jeff brings deep knowledge to his method, and he makes learning fun. He keeps everything moving at a good pace while we are learning. I like his “socratic method” because it is so in the moment, we the students stop play and we can see where we are out of position, gain awareness of where we ‘could’ have hit the ball, or see how we could recognize and exploit the weakness of our opponents. He starts each session with us students being intentional about what we want to work on, and with him playing alongside us, he will ensure he hits you balls to allow you to work on the skill you declared you wanted to work on. Three of us took lessons 1x per week for four weeks and we all showed great improvement in our playing – as we were told by fellow players. “wow you have really improved” is what we all heard from our PB pals.”

Sometimes in Pickleball, you need to be made aware ‘in the moment’. Jeff accomplishes this through his Socratic Method and easy going style of helpfulness.”
– Barbara

“My friends and I took one session with you so far, and what I appreciated most is how you made the most of the time by seeing what areas actually needed honing, instead of blindly assuming we would need a primer on all pickleball issues. You watched us play, then stopped us to comment and critique and give real, “useable” suggestions that we could easily apply to our game. By offering instruction to our unique hitting styles, you really made the session meaningful and most helpful.”
– Idie