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In Which Countries Is Pickleball Most Popular?

According to statistics of visitors to, the people who visit here:

64% live in the United States

22% are citizens of England

10% are from Canada

4% are from Brazil

1.15% are from China.

1.12% are from Russia.

1.0% are from Italy.

We also have had a number of visitors from other countries including (in descending order) Japan, Australia, Puerto Rico, Argentina, The Philippines, France, South Africa, Columbia, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Costa Rica, Egypt, Finland, India Taiwan, Algeria,  Cameroon, Balize, Netherlands, Pakistan, Peru, Portugal, Serbia, South Korea, Malasia, Spain, and Sri Lanka, with a handful of visitors from other countries.

2 thoughts on “In Which Countries Is Pickleball Most Popular?

  1. Hello friend my self Amit Kumar Rana Secretary Asian Pickleball Association . if any Asian country is interested to be the member of Asian Pickleball Association for which i want your mail Id for contact, please send your mail ID as soon as possible.
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  2. I am going to start a pickleball tournament program in the country of Jamaica. It has been played here already in a beach side park with portable net on an old basketball court. Sandals Whitehouse has also had some very fine tourist programs.
    I am also interested if the game is being played in South Africa? I want to take it there also.
    Thank you,
    Robert Bird
    Founder of – Tennis on a beach volleyball court – ball has to be volleyed.
    Owner of – Courts are being planned but virus postponed.

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