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Body Language Down the Middle

Sometimes you and your partner have to respond to a ball coming right between the two of you. If you are both right or left-handed, you still might not be able to respond properly, if the ball is slightly offset, or if it is coming just too fast. Normally, you are supposed to talk, like “Mine,” or “You Go.” But there may not be enough time, or for various reasons verbal communication won’t work. There is another response. This response I’m about to disclose is somewhat automatic among good players. They may not even know they’re doing it.

So what am I talking about? Body language. If you expect your partner to get the ball, you back off a bit. You may stand ready, in case your partner doesn’t get the ball, but you make it a point, showing all the body language you can, to back off, or give your partner space.

On the other hand, you may notice your partner backing off. The minute you recognize that, the ball is all yours.

All this body language can be quite subtle, but can work better than actual words.

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