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An Unexpected Time To Practice Serves

We all know how hard it is to stay tuned up with our serves. Most pickleballers will go through a week of serving yips now and then when they just can’t serve accurately to save their lives.

One thing that helps is to practice serves. For instance if you’re the first one on the court, you can grab some pickleballs and try a few serves. If you’re really hardcore, you might go out and work on serves for a half-hour when no one is around.

However, there is an unexpected opportunity to practice serves and it is during live games. No, I’m not talking about actually serving. What I’m talking about is every time the ball has gone out of bounds at the end of a rally and you have to get it and return it to the server on the other side.

If you’re like most, you’ll hit it to that server with an overhand stroke like a tennis serve. What a waste! Instead, serve it to the server. In most cases they won’t even notice that you returned the ball just like a drop or a bounce serve, yet you had one more chance to practice a serve.

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