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AI Attempts Pickleball Again

I asked the AI art program, Dall-E, “Create a picture showing 4 people playing pickleball.”

This is what came out:

AI Attempts Pickleball
Click to see a larger version.

When I asked, “Please give me a picture of a pickleball return of serve” I was surprised how close it came to getting the request right in one of five pictures. You will notice the guy seems to be serving, not returning a serve. Also, take a look at his paddle. But still…

The other four were so ridiculously wrong that it’s once again just crazy. As you can see, the program just spelled pickleball, incorrectly, and didn’t even try to show return of serve:

Click to see a larger version.

Why do you suppose the AI program has so much trouble spelling pickleball?

Also see AI Gets it Wrong.

So then I asked for “Donald Trump playing pickleball.” The art program, Dall-E, said it wouldn’t do that. So I said, “US President playing pickleball,” and this is what came out:

OK, so how about “George Washington playing pickleball?”

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, my wife asked, “How would George Washington play pickleball?”

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